Class: Chalice Children

Ages 0-Kindergarten

Babies younger than 6 mo can stay with their families during the service. Parents can step out and to to the nursery if the child begins to disrupt the worship experience of others.

Kids younger than 3 or 4 years of age are welcome in the Nursery, which opens 15 minutes before the service (10:15).  The nursery is staffed by two caregivers. Babies and active toddlers will enjoy a well-stocked, quiet room to sleep or play. Adults are welcome to stay until the child is comfortable in the new surroundings.  

Parents should bring a diaper bag stocked with a change of clothes, extra diapers and diaper wipes, and a bottle or sippy cup with the child's favorite beverage. Please note: Church policy states that nursery caregivers will not change diapers. Parent or guardian must be on-site in case of need. Snacks are allowed. Please bring snacks that can be cleaned up easily: crackers, cheerios, raisins, etc. No peanut butter, please.

For preschool and kindergarten children, stories, crafts and cooperative games help them feel part of their Unitarian Universalist community and expand understanding of the faith and practices of Unitarian Universalism - its people, buildings, rituals, and celebrations.  Topics affirm the inherent worth and beauty of self, family, community, and human diversity.  The children are taught to see themselves as members of one "rainbow race" with the same human rights and needs. They discover and explore their feelings about themselves and the community of which they are a part, and celebrate world holiday traditions.

For young children comfortable with transitions, we encourage families to worship together in the "big room" for the beginning of the service. After a story for all ages, children are escorted to their class by their teacher (at about 10:45).  Stories and activities are from three UU preschool curricula presented in alternating years; they focus on learning about world holiday traditions, taking care of each other and the world, and being kind and fair to everyone.

There is no fee for Religious Exploration (Sunday School).

Children should be registered for this class by filling out a paper form on a Sunday.  Ask a teacher or the Coordinator of Religious Education (CRE).


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