RE Class: Spirit Play

Sunday School, Grades 1 - 6

Spirit Play is a Montessori style classroom where the children hear and tell stories of our Unitarian Universalist faith, making meaning through wondering and art within the values and culture of Unitarian Universalism. The class fosters a spiritual community of children, where each child's unique learning style is valued and supported.

The Stories use inclusive language and include our Seven UU Principles (called promises in this class), UU liturgical lessons and worship traditions, and the Six Sources of our faith:

  1. Transcendent wonder and awe inspired by the "spirit of life" known by many names
  2. Wisdom in historical world religions and in native and earth-centered traditions
  3. Traditional stories specific to our Jewish and Christian heritages
  4. Words and deeds of women and men who use justice, compassion and love to build a better world
  5. Humanist teachings that heed the guidance of reason and the results of science
  6. The interdependent web and our part in it

Spirit Play helps children find a religious language that they can use to explore existential questions such as: Who am I?; Where did I come from?; What is my purpose?; What are my gifts?; How do I choose to live my life?; What happens when I die?; Why am I lonely and sad sometimes? 

There is no fee for Religious Exploration (Sunday School).

Children should be registered for this class by filling out a paper form on a Sunday.  Ask a teacher or the Coordinator of Religious Education (CRE).


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