Religious Exploration for Adults

Discussion Circles and Sharing Circles
Most Sunday morning Discussion Circles are ongoing and are open to all adults and teens who want to participate, or "drop in." Some topical Discussion Circles meet only for the duration of the course, often 8 weeks, and may "close" registration after an initial open sign-up period. Some groups (Travelers, Evensong) are Sharing Circles which make up UUFSM's Small Group Ministry, a "ministry of Deep Listening." These may meet in member homes, scheduled according to the preferences of group members.

Small Group Ministry: Up to 8 members agree to meet twice a month to discuss a spiritual approach to life, sharing their life stories in a supportive, nurturing group. Chalice Circles make a difference in people’s lives. Newcomers to UUFSM are welcomed and included in the groups. Chalice Circles help everyone grow in listening skills and radical hospitality, which is important to the health of the congregation. Many small group members find the confidence to lead group discussions and go on to take other church leadership roles.


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