Children's Religous Exploration (Sunday School)

People of all ages gather in the Worship Hall at 10:30 for the opening of the service. The children (15 and under) depart at about 10:45 to attend their Religious Exploration (Sunday School) classes; High School students remain to participate in the service. There are no fees for Religious Exploration classes or childcare during the service.

Children from birth through Kindergarten attend the "Chalice Children's" class for a short lesson and free play.  The "Spirit Play" class for elementary school children is in a Montessori style classroom designed to channel individual learning styles in the pursuit of spiritual growth, religious understanding, self-worth, social awareness and social action. Children in 5th through 8th grade attend the "Truth Seekers" class to make close friends, explore Unitarian Universalism history and traditions, and learn about world religions.  A Coming of Age program for 13-15 year olds matches adult mentors to students for an individualized exploration of their UU identity and emerging personal belief system. 

The seven principles and six sources described on this website are the foundation of Unitarian Universalist Religious Exploration. For the purpose of teaching, this intricately woven tapestry is categorized into four main topics/themes for the children to explore: 

  • Becoming and Being a UU
  • Our Jewish and Christian Heritages
  • Religions of the World
  • Building a Better World

As children engage and discover the age-appropriate program materials on these topics, they are encouraged to wonder and ask questions.  The young people can build on this accumulated knowledge to construct a personalized framework of spiritual and moral values.

Teens and children also meet at other times for classes or special activities (see the "Justice for All" Action CIrcle and the YRUU youth group).


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