UUFSM Policy and Procedures Manual


This Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) provides information about how UUFSM works as an organization. It is intended to be a living document that gives advice based on past experience, rather than an authoritarian one that limits or prevents action as people and situations change, which may which may suggest or necessitate a new approach.

The policies are set by the Board, with input from members. Policies set forth our intentions and give guidelines for making decisions. The procedures are set by the Teams and Committees and outline the tasks that need to be planned for and completed. Each Team and Committee can supplement the PPM with a “how to” folder of more detailed instructions, resources, and helpful hints. Team leaders should ensure any copies of the "How-To Folder" are passed along to incoming committee members and new leaders.

In any healthy organism, all parts work together. Therefore, the Board of Trustees, Team Leaders, and Committee Chairs should be familiar with the contents of this manual, not only their own section.

Healthy organisms also grow and change, and the PPM should reflect this. Make the procedures reflect what you do. If the changes affect other committees or teams, please check with them before making changes to this manual. If you cannot edit a page, please contact the Webmaster to have your access level increased.

Recognizing that UUFSM is a small but growing and ever changing congregation, the PPM is a guideline which should be reviewed and revised at least annually. Committees may, as necessary, assume a task of another committee when that task would not otherwise be completed.


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