Social Justice - Activities

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People who are interested in Social Justice help us fulfill our mission to "work... together in service to all," usually focusing on four areas:

  • Earth Care (annual activities include an Earth Day booth and partnering with the St. Mary's River Watershed Association)
  • Community Outreach (donations of time, money, and goods)
  • UU Service Committee (Guest at Your Table during the winter holidays)
  • Social Justice for All (group actions are often in partnership with the St. Mary's Interfaith Council)

UUFSM also donates all un-labeled (non-pledge) donations from the weekly plate, up to 10% of its yearly pledged income, to the charity of the month.  Monthly charities are chosen by the Justice for All Action Circle in an annual open and democratic process which seeks the input of all members and friends; the list is given final approval by the Board of Trustees.

The "Justice For All" Action Circle (for all ages) meets monthly on first Sundays from 12:00 to 1:00. This group has two goals:

1) To build fellowship among us, especially for families, couples and singles new to Unitarian Universalism.  Adults in the 18 to 35 age-range are especially welcome here!  Justice for everyone and caring for the natural world around us are core values of Unitarian Universalists.

2) To participate in actions aimed at making our Southern Maryland community and our world a better place to live, such as caring for people and responsibly acting as stewards of the Earth.  Past activities have included supporting the Interfaith Council's Snack Pack project; the Myrtle Point Park clean-up; the St. Mary's River clean-up; Earth Day in Leonardtown; and organizing nature walks, kayak ventures and other activities as chosen by the group. 

Two workshops on LGBTQIA justice issues

This workshop will introduce participants to the historical and current issues surrounding LGBTQIA justice, and the involvement of UUs as a denomination in upholding and advocating for equal treatment and marriage equality.  We will discuss a path for UUFSM to be an official "Welcoming Congregation" and will briefly discuss the purpose and nature of the Our Whole Lives (OWL) comprehensive sexuality curriculum.


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