RE Class: Truth Seekers

This class is inactive. Contact Cathey M-Bush

A Sunday School class for 5th to 8th grade (High School students also welcome!).

Rotating curriculum includes Traditions with a Wink (UU Identity); You the Creator (Creative Empowerment); Building Bridges (World Religions) and an individualized Coming of Age program facilitated by an adult mentor and augmented with class gatherings.

Traditions with a Wink: Participants learn from our history, with stories of wisdom, hope, and vision, that we come from a long tradition of questioning and searching, loving kindness and good works. 

You the Creator: Participants are supported in a discovery that they are, and should be, one of the creative forces in the world - for its sake, and theirs.

Building Bridges: Participants explore the history, beliefs and traditions of numerous religious cultures among ourselves or with guest speakers, and visit houses of worship in the community.

Coming of Age: COA is designed to be a formal rite of passage for our youth. Each one is matched with a mentor, and activities focus on three areas: awakening/education, sharing/service, and growth/personal development. Our goal for this emerging program is to include a retreat and a Heritage pilgrimage to Boston, ending with a special service where the youth are embraced by the whole congregation.

There is no fee for Religious Exploration (Sunday School).

Young people should be registered for this class by filling out a paper form on a Sunday.  Ask a teacher or the Coordinator of Religious Education (CRE).


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