Chalice Circles

An inspiring, life-changing group experience

Chalice Circles make up UUFSM's Small Group Ministry (SGM), a "ministry of deep listening." New chalice circles are formed several times per year, and participants agree to attend faithfully for a season (usually 8 sessions).  Membership will not change until the start of another season.  

Chalice Circles are intentional lay-led small groups that deepen and expand the ministry of a congregation.  The basic elements of Unitarian Universalist Small Group Ministry, called Chalice Circles at UUFSM, have evolved from the experience of many people in diverse congregational settings. 

The Power and Promise of Chalice Circles are Intimacy, Spiritual Growth and Community Building.

  • Intimacy:  Chalice Circles help build community, providing opportunities for deeper relationships.
  • Spiritual Growth: Chalice Circles provide an opportunity for deeper spiritual exploration and search for meaning.
  • Community Building: Chalice Circles provide opportunities to nurture group facilitation skills as its members try facilitating in a small group. It has the potential to grow our membership in numbers, as well as our community's generosity, cooperation, and sense of well-being.

Groups of 6-8 people (including the Group Leader) will meet 1-2 times per month for a season with can repeat, if desired by the membership, sometimes for several years.

Chalice circles make a difference in people's lives. Newcomers to UUFSM are welcomed and included in the groups.  Chalice circles help everyone grow in listening skills and radical hospitality, which is important to the health of the congregation.


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