Our Stories

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Nurturing Our Faith and Sharing Perspectives
UUFSM is a great fit for my family!
My husband and I enjoy the ceremony of the services, and the opportunity to hear other people's perspectives and share our own. Our pre-school age daughter enjoys children's chapel and tells me about learning UU principles like "each person is worthwhile," and "treat all beings with care."  The Tibetan sound bowl that chimes at the beginning of service, the chalice and flame, feathers of joys and concerns, and other symbols of nature bring a sense of peace and beauty. We try to bring some of these symbols and routines into our home with our "thankfulness... Click on the title above to read more.
Weekly Wisdom

UUFSM is a great fit for me. I feel at home. I leave every Sunday with a piece of wisdom for the week.
Our Family's Spiritual Home

"For me it was to a place that would accept my family and be a place that we could grow." (Kelsey) "I was looking for a place where my kids could learn about different spiritual points of view. I also wanted a place where we could grow and explore our own spiritual paths.  UUFSM is warm and welcoming and has given the spiritual home we were looking for our family." (Cathey)
What we value at UUFSM?

A Place for Us

What I like about the fellowship is social consciousness, fellowship and open minds.
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