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WHAT: Thank-you letters from charities are entered in the field "Thank-you Letter" of the Charity that sent them. If the thank-you letter came from a person or a group that is NOT a charity, just create it as an Information Item and tag it as a News Article.

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For rites of passage, such as child blessings, weddings, funerals, or other important milestones, please contact Chaplain James Gibbons Walker at minister@uufsm.org.

After the month is over, the treasurer reports the amount collected for the charity.  Someone in the Social Justice Interest Area should come to the website and enter the information online.

Read this before? Go to Add INFORMATION

WHAT: CHARITY items are created by adding and INFORMATION item and tagging it as a CHARITY.

WHO: All registered users can add an CHARITY then edit, delete, and clone it.  You can edit other people's information items. All Editors can edit and delete any INFORMATION Item, no matter who created it.

At the beginning of the church year, the website editor creates a Worship Service for every week. So, instead of creating an Event, people should edit the existing Worship Services. Here are the steps to follow to edit Worship services.
  1. Log in with your username and password
  2. Click on the WORSHIP tab in the main menu to get to http://uufsm.org/d7/services/
  3. Choose either the UPCOMING tab or the PAST tab, depending on when the service happened.

These classes have been completed. If you missed them, please talk to people in the Religious Education area and see if the class can be offered again.

The website takes information from a variety of sources and puts together

  • schedules (teaching, worship, etc.)
  • Sunday bulletin
  • weekly announcements
  • monthly newsletter

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